The Vision

Published Tuesday, December 9th, 2014.

It’s been said that one should write their vision down so that it can be achieved. So what is your vision for your Wedding and Reception? What emotion do you want your guests to experience while watching you and your future spouse on your big day? Is it a party? Maybe quiet joy is more your pace? Perhaps serious for the ceremony and wild on the reception? Whatever your vision you’ll want to pull together some thoughts on what elements will make that happen for you.

While paper cups and a keg will definitely get you a “party” that may not be the atmosphere you’re looking to generate even if a party really is what you’re going for. A reception isn’t just a made over kegger, right? If you dig the rustic, then of course you’ve booked your wedding with us… or one of our neighbors! But that’s just the stage, you’ve got to bring in the elements that will make this YOUR wedding. We had one beautiful bride who wanted rural, fun, and hot pink. Just about everything reflected her enthusiasm, right down to the pink streak in her blonde hair. She had a vision and absolutely no reservations about carrying it out! With that kind of clarity it was hard not to succeed.

Back to you, what is your vision? If you had to say it in three words what would they be? If you had to paint it with three colors how would you do it? If you were blind what three audio or sensual experiences would make it perfect for you? The reason it’s all so important to think through is because we only plan on doing this once and if that’s all you’re going to get, just one chance, then you’d better make it the one you want. You don’t want to be standing for your toast thinking about how much you wish you’d thought of “_______”. You want to be so wrapped in the experience that all you can think about is the person you’ve just hitched your life to.

The truth be known, we work really hard at making every desired element exactly what you imagined or better with the budget and tools we pool together at our planning meetings. Which is the other reason you’ve booked with us – you know you’ve got a team on your side, no matter what, to run with your vision and make it happen. We’re so looking forward to our next planning session to write it, see it, and live it next season!


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