The Venue

No doubt you’ve seen some of the pictures on the home page and the gallery so you essentially have an idea about this venue.  But sometimes we want a bit more.  Here’s your “more”!

Mont Lamm Events is situated on 40 acres of dry land farmed for various grains – wheat, oats, mustard, or sunflower.  We do not personally farm these acres. The farming surrounds all areas of the venue to the North, South, East, and West.  The Party Barn – our affectionate term for the building where events happen – is right around 3,000 square feet of knotty pine tongue and groove from floor to 30ft tall ceilings.  Even in the hottest summer afternoon this indoor space maintains at right around 70 degrees even with the doors open and people inside without air conditioning. This is the room most commonly set up for reception and dining and is a sealed concrete floor.  All food is served from tables or the buffets and kept full from the kitchen which is separate from the entertaining space. This building is also where the public restrooms are located – with indoor plumbing and separate his/hers facilities.

The grounds are also in many pictures and will be an ever evolving feature of the venue.  While there are plans to one day have orchards around the facility trees take time to grow. In the meantime, there are plenty of panoramic views beyond the fields to a patchwork of forest, farmsteads, and even Mt. Spokane.  Most of the entertaining space is one large party lawn bordered by newly planted trees, herbs, flowers, and shrubs.  We do have wildlife around here so sometimes despite our best efforts the deer get the best of us and something about to bloom is gone overnight.  Such is gardening out here!

New developments for this year is the bar under the barn, a bird run, the expanded garden area, and installing a large greenhouse.  Some are being constructed as of this writing and some won’t be settled until the end of the growing season.  The bar will be located on the shaded side of the horse barn for everyone’s comfort instead of on the Party Barn porch which the sun seems to find all afternoon. The turkeys and chickens have been an attraction for young and old so we’re moving them from the horse barn and out into a space where they can easily be seen and enjoyed.  All of these new areas will be available for photography sessions for brides and guests either way.  There’s even a horse roundabout we’re cleaning out on the West end of the gardens with a view to the mountains and our incredible sunsets.  We can’t wait to see what you do in these areas!

Pretty common in most venues are the bridal and groomsmen readying rooms.  Ours are two separate structures. The bride and her guests get access to a complete house – furnished and air conditioned kitchen, full bathroom, living room, and bedroom with a floor to ceiling mirror. Our grooms also get an air conditioned space for lounging with a Foosball table, ceiling hooks, and board games to pass the time.  We hope to also get a good sized TV and game system in there before the close of the year – that or a full size pool table?  Still thinking that all through. 🙂

There’s A LOT of parking space, additional yard space under two very large weeping willows, a patio with a water feature and trees, and of course all of our eager staff to make every moment of your time with us an experience to remember.  If you’ve taken the time to read all of this it means there’s a connection – something about our place looks right to you – so how about scheduling your tour today?  We’ll be waiting to hear from you!