The New Year is Here!

Published Tuesday, January 6th, 2015.

Well, in case we missed saying it to you personally, Happy New Year! And we’re all off to the races, right?

Engagement season is technically over with the holidays but that means there’s now A LOT more competition for a venue as all those newly engaged couples start calling every location they can think of for details.  We’re so glad to be on your list!

Some things you’ll want to remember as you make your calls, peruse websites, and ask friends and family for their recommendations are:

  1. Do you KNOW what you want? Write it down, revisit it, and go back to it with your venue coordinator every chance you get to make sure you’re all on the same page.
  2. Did you CONNECT with the vendor or coordinator? If there’s no connection now there won’t be later when there are emergency changes and you won’t feel like you have an ally on your side to make it happen. .
  3. Will you still have an event if WEATHER IS A FACTOR? Weather can change in the time it takes to walk down the lawn at outdoor weddings no matter where you are in the world. Does your venue choice still work if your big sky wedding turns into an unexpected hailstorm?
  4. What OTHER SERVICES come with the standard pricing of the venue AND what does NOT?  Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples or you’ll make a decision you didn’t intend to. Will you have kitchen facilities or will the caterer have to use a garden hose on the back of the barn? Are you okay with a Honeybucket or are there indoor ADA compliant restroom facilities? How many tables and chairs come with your package? Are linens included or additional? Double check the lists provided and cost out what you’ll have to pay extra for at lower priced venues before you decide.
  5. Enjoy the PROCESS!  You’ll only do this once so there’s no need to get hasty, bunchy, or stressed out and miss out on your one chance to have a GREAT wedding.

Ok, then! Until we meet again have a great time with your family and your fiance. We really look forward to meeting you both very soon!

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