The Best Wedding Ever!

Published Thursday, September 29th, 2016.

We’ve been hosting weddings here now since 2013. We’ve seen it all for the most part – from ultra organized to ultra casual and everything in between. The thing is, every bride should believe hers was the best regardless.  That’s a pretty tall order and as much as I’d like to say it was our expert execution (which is flawless I might add) the reality is that it comes down to some factors that have nothing to do with us at all.  At least in their origins!

For starters, every bride wants to have the entire experience be about her – her guests absolutely should feel like this is her event.  As a bride you may not be able to specifically verbalize it but after many meetings it’s clear that if everything from the ceremony layout and decor to the food really is a reflection of how you want the guests to perceive your current and future personality as a couple.  If you HAD to choose two words to describe this essence, now would be a good time to choose them.  Fun & Flirty, Shabby/Chic, Sophisticated and Well Planned? Armed with words like these a bride is ready to tie the right bow on the event as a whole and walk away feeling like it was everything she could have imagined.

With just a few well chosen words a bride can, and should, eliminate all of the duff coming from family and friends to cut straight to the core of what kind of experience she wants her guests to have. Let’s be honest, a reception in many ways is a “thank you” to guests for showing up to support the new union by giving some kind of food and beverage experience to share the moment around.  It’s the anchor everything else is tied to that everyone will remember in some way ten years and more in the future.  And if a bride is constantly being swayed by the expectations of family and friends without finding a center to keep her perspective on the event clear the one person who really counts, in terms of remembering the event, won’t remember it as anything other than something she didn’t ultimately want.

The hard core reality is that it doesn’t matter what everyone else thought or if they would duplicate what you did as a bride. What matters is that you’ll look back on that reception as the party to compare all your future parties to.  And if it doesn’t say something about YOU directly it is still saying something.  Shouldn’t it say exactly what you planned? How are those statements reflected in the decor? in the food? in the favors? in the wine or beer choices? in the DJ’s music selections? And if something really doesn’t matter to you then there’s absolutely no reason to feel obligated to make it important for it’s own sake.

One our brides was a December bride and relatively recent graduate from an interior design program.  The decor, in her mind, was extremely important. In fact, more thought and effort went into the decor for the wedding than in most other aspects of the event.  The seating was even designed around her vision of the decor!  We were, of course, elated to help execute her vision and in the end the one thing I think everyone remembers is the moment they walked through the door into our Party Barn – and gasped! This bride was well aware of her most important words and successfully got it done.

As our brides begin their journey for the 2016-2017 season we’re asking a lot of questions to tease out their personal best wedding ever.  That’s perhaps the one unique offering we have here. Not everyone is willing or even able to offer that as a venue; many bride’s don’t even know to ask for it.  We sure do hope, however, that you come to your tour armed with your two words, show up to your meetings with them written on your notes pages so that all the details associated with the event can get intentionally associated with them, and that you drive away after a complete experience here thinking, “This was the best wedding ever.”


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