Mont Lamm Events, formerly Mont Lamm Belgians, is a premier Wedding and Events center just North of Deer Park, Wa. owned and operated by Sean & Shannon Siemen.  In 2013 we moved our family from Spokane for a new business and lifestyle opportunity we just couldn’t pass up; who can turn down 40 acres, pastoral vistas, and a Southeast view of Mt. Spokane?  Two days after the moving truck was unloaded we hosted our first wedding and it’s been one great event after another since.20140628_215611

Everyone has a place here.  We’re a family, we live here with our dogs, our cats, our chickens and our gardens, and we’re even taking our friends with us on a beautiful and wild journey into weddings, events, and rural living. You never know what you’ll see when you’re up here besides a lot of natural beauty. One wedding down on the lawn had a coyote trot by 50 ft in  the field during the ceremony. Just this Spring a wandering Bald Eagle was perched in the conifers above the house. And every fall the deer take their share of the crab apples at dusk.

What does all that have to do with weddings? Perhaps not much. But then again, a wedding is a chance to connect with all of your friends and family and share in one of the most important moments you’ll share as a couple.  You can do that anywhere, that’s true. But if you had to choose between an everyday someplace, or someplace like home, we hope you choose home. We hope you choose us. We’ve got a great place AND we treat you like friends who know how to throw a really good wedding and reception!

Please feel free to contact us at any of the numbers or email listed here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also check out our Facebook page at Mont Lamm Events.

Some additional information you may be interested in is that we’ve been working on developing our Permaculture skills to transform the immediate landscape into a fruiting and productive wonder well worth visiting for its own sake. You can also check out our friends in the local Permaculture community at www.spokanepermaculture.org.

You’ve taken the first step to being a part of our family! So, take a look around and come over for a visit – you’ll be glad you did.

Until we meet,

Sean and Shannon