Welcome to Mont Lamm Events - All Your Events, All Year Long!

We are a Wedding and Party Venue located just North of Spokane, Washington surrounded by natural beauty, wheat fields, panoramic mountain views, and open skies.

We offer a comprehensive set of event options including year round indoor facilities, a full commercial kitchen, a separate bridal cottage complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and ample parking.

Currently, we are establishing the immediate several acres for an organic herb, veggie, and fruit farm as a backdrop for the variety of events we host.  And even though that takes time to mature there's still lots of beauty to take in along the party barn lawn as well as the knotty pine interior of the event center itself.

And then there's the question of who "We" are - Sean, Shannon, Emma, and Zeke Siemen! We moved up to "The Farm" in late 2013 to live out a dream which we are now very firmly attached to.  We very much look forward to meeting you and hosting your event in the near future.

If you zoom nearly all the way in on the map below you'll see the spread although not as current as we'd like. But, it's enough to know what to look for when you're driving up.

Thank you so much for taking a look!

Mont Lamm Events

Sean & Shannon Siemen

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